20-23 November 2023


We were established in 2015 and were named Indonesia Startup Insight (ISI). ISI gives insights and meaningful connections to the investors of Time, Energy, and Capital to reshape the future of Indonesia. Since 2016, ISI helps Indonesian early-growing startups through global pitching competition, and because the event was successful, it has become an annual event since then.

Since 2021, during the pandemic, we acknowledge that many sectors were affected, including tourism. Therefore, in 2021, we added “Tourism” to show people that Indonesia has a lot more amazing places to visit and to love our country more. So, now we are called IASTI (Indonesia Startup & Tourism Insight).


IASTI Video 2022

IASTI 2023

The IASTI initiative aims to connect startups and entrepreneurs in the fields of agritech and tourism.

    Our goal is to foster an environment where like-minded individuals can come together to exchange ideas, innovative solutions, and explore opportunities with the potential to drive economic growth. Let’s grab the great opportunity to connect, learn, and take action during this 4-day, 3-night event!

The Green Economy

In the current climate of rising inflationary pressures and environmental degradation, the need for sustainable economic solutions is more critical than ever. The theme of “Agritech and Tourism,” introduced by Start-up Insight in 2023, is a timely response to these challenges.

    The important of green economy approach to agritech and tourism emphasizes sustainable agricultural practices and earth-friendly tourism. By preserving natural resources, mitigating climate change, and promoting responsible consumption, a green economy ensures the long-term viability of these sectors.


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