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Project Data Driven Carbon Neutral Disaster Resilient Cities

Cities account for around two-thirds of global energy consumption, and over 70% of annual global carbon emissions, making them both a major part of the cause and solution to mitigating global climate change. At the same time, many cities within the APEC region are exposed to a range of extreme weather and natural disaster types, which can make critical energy systems highly vulnerable. Low-carbon, renewable, decentralized and efficient energy systems have several advantages over large-scale centralized traditional energy systems in terms of their vulnerability and resilience to natural disasters. However, the uptake of such systems requires careful planning and coordination, with a critical role for urban and regional planners.    

This project has several overarching objectives. Firstly, it aims to contribute to improved energy resilience, to the creation of low-carbon APEC communities, to increase renewables’ share in the APEC energy mix, and to the overall improvement of APEC energy intensity. The project will also strengthen the institutional capacities of urban and regional planners of APEC economies, on how to use a Multistakeholder Dialogue (“MSD”) to elaborate a vision for carbon neutrality and disaster resilience in APEC cities or provinces. In this context, the project will build up the institutional capacities of urban and regional planners of APEC economies on how to identify success factors and pitfalls for collecting local energy and climate data and defining APEC best practices.

This second event of the project focuses on the realization of a Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue (MSD) with representatives of local stakeholders of the North Sulawesi Province in Manado, Indonesia, with specific focus on elaborating a vision for carbon neutrality, adopting key 2030 targets on energy intensity, emissions intensity, and renewables share for the North Sulawesi Province (Indonesia).

The MSD event will take place over 6 days, split into two 3-day sessions, as follows:
 * The first 3-day MSD session will take place on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of February 2024.
 * The second 3-day MSD session will take place during the following week, on 26th, 27th and 28th February 2024.